Pictured: Top left, Chrys Zantis at Adderton House of Mercy as part of her Landscape of Resilience residency. Top right: Jaymee-Lee performing in Beenleigh Town Square. Bottom left: Dancers from District41 performing at Beenleigh Flash Fest. Bottom right: Filmmaker Lark Lee behind the camera.


Celebrating our distinct, different and diverse cultural sector

Not only is our city rich in world-class artists, performers, makers and musicians, but we also boast a diverse range of cultural organisations and vibrant council venues – all drenched in community spirit.

In short, the breadth of professional and passionate creatives in Logan is epic. And we’re not afraid to put our skin in the game and wear our hearts on our sleeves.

Here’s the rub.

Waaaay too often, local government and business are looking outside the region, instead of supporting our local creative talent.

And so many of you have told us that you’re keen to put your hand up for opportunities for public activation projects to bring our city to life… but you’re not sure how to get in front of the right people to make that happen.

You need a way to shine a light on what you do so the right people see it.


That’s where the Logan Arts Directory comes in

This directory and cultural calendar is all about making you visible and giving you a way to connect, collaborate and answer call outs for the opportunities you want to get involved in.

It’s a place for you to showcase your best work – whether it’s film, music, visual art or your latest books.

It will give us a way to advocate for Logan artists and creatives like you, and share your work far and wide.


Cultivating connections to build a stronger sector

This directory is also a place for you to make connections and build relationships with cultural organisations, businesses and council.

Because, we’re stronger, louder, and harder to ignore together.

Plus, it’s a place for these organisations to find you based on what you create and what opportunities you’re interested in.

So, the next time council is looking for artists in a public art project, a speaker, photographer or musician for a project or event? They’ll find you here.

Or if a fellow artist, producer, event organiser needs someone like you to hire or collaborate with? You guessed it, they’ll find you here.


More opportunities to reach your creative goals – your way

The best part is, you can choose opportunities and collaborative partners that help suit your goals.

Join now

We’re developing this directory and calendar right now, and you’re invited to join!

If you’re an individual artist, band, collective or cultural organisation – we want to share your work.

You’ll be the first to build your profile when it’s launched.

Want in? Head here >> https://assortedgrains.org.au/members/subscription-plan


It’s all made possible with funding support from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

(thank you!)