Rachel Monique Walker
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creative@rachelmoniquewalker.com http://www.rachelmoniquewalker.com Joined 21/05/2023
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Biographical Info
I’m a Meanjin based, early career visual artist and creative practitioner specialising in collage, illustration and participatory works. My collages combine and filter hundreds of images until they reach a synthesis. Similarly my collections of scavenged items: images, soundbites, jotted words, fabrics, discarded paper and memories - alone insignificant - build and build until they can become the substance for something momentous. I regularly host collage workshops that encourage others to explore their creativity and I am currently developing a participatory performance piece with artist Frida Nielsen and my local community.
Art form
Music, Literary arts, Performing arts, Film & TV, Art worker / Practitioner
Artist Type
Photographer, Illustrator, Textile artist, Collage / mixed media, Sculptor, Designer, Multimedia, Writer / editor / author, Producer / Facilitator
Other artist type
I like to interview people, have produced a few zines and have some interviews due for release soon.
Outside Logan
Further links to CV, Press Kits, Books, Showreels, Portfolios, etc
Open to
Creative collaboration, Group exhibition, Speaking, Mentorships & training, Residencies, Workshops, Public art projects, Community events & projects, Editing or writing, Festivals, shows & gigs
Other things I am open to
Fusing community development with participatory creative practice for community members, art that is accessible and inclusive for folks with disabilities, art with a social justice or community building focus
Licences, Qualifications & Insurance
Blue Card, First Aid
1-3 (Emerging)