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Supporting Logan’s arts and creative sector

Assorted Grains might sound like a boujee cereal, but we’re an artist-run not-for-profit who work with an assortment of artists and community members to create distinct, multidisciplinary programs and events for the benefit of the community.

After all, a vibrant arts and cultural sector is vital to our community health, tourism and economy. And the best way to nurture our local creative economy is to support our Logan-based artist and art workers with opportunities to perform, exhibit and showcase their work on right here in Logan.

Logan performing arts centre - Assorted Grains

Our Story …

What’s with the name?

Why grains? Well, just as grains have been an essential part of human development for a millennia – arts, music and creativity are just as essential.

They’re a core part of how we tell our stories and express ourselves. And grains are one of the most universally consumed foods across the globe – a symbol of commonality across cultures.

We don’t limit ourselves to one artform. Instead, we curate an assortment of genres and disciplines in ways that create unique experiences audiences won’t forget. And we welcome people of all cultures, backgrounds, genders, sexualities + more to get involved and share their creativity.

The arts is a staple in our community. Working across disciplines and genres allows us to showcase the diverse assortment of unique creatives and cultures, uniting them via the arts.

That’s who Assorted Grains is.

Our partners

Pride Foundation Australia
Bulk Nutrients
Creative Australia
Logan City Council
Queensland Mental Health Commission
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Our Mission

Communities are built on shared culture.

Creativity is our common ground. Music is in our blood, dance in our DNA, storytelling is our shared language, and art is an expression of life – and life is there to be experienced.

Forget traditional exhibitions, standard cover shows, sitting in the grandstand waiting for the show to begin. Instead, imagine something different. Gutsy, interactive arts where the unexpected collides and you’re invited to be part of the show. After all, art is meant to enthral, make you think, push your limits and bring people together. And extraordinary art creates unforgettable experiences.

The arts are for all – for community, with community. No one is left behind. We create quality experiences for everyone. Creating safe space for people to share their stories, explore their identities, cultures, sexualities and genders. We tell local stories, real stories via original works. We give voice to all perspectives, and we’re not afraid to make a stand.

So join us. Express yourself. Share your story. Belt out that chorus. Colour each day with creativity and share your culture, so others can find common ground and understand what makes you, you. 

Creativity isn’t a competition, it’s part of being human. Let’s create a culture of collaboration and learning. Because we’re stronger, louder and harder to ignore when we stand together.

Join the cultural revolution.


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Art. Music. Creativity + You

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We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of Australia. We pay our respects to the Elders past and present as the traditional Custodians of the lands and waters. We acknowledge their living culture and their traditional art forms. We recognise that the land where we live, learn, create and work is Yugembah, Jagera/Yugerra, Turrbul and Bundjalung land and sovereignty was never ceded. We’re committed to building and sustaining respect and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.